Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Module 1: Introduction to the Class and New Literacies
Welcome to your RWLD.   This RWLD is your resource page that includes an assortment of Readings, Watchings, Listenings and Doings. This multimedia approach was designed to improve the learning experience in multiple ways:
  • New Gen Learners (Millennial/Gen Y ages 18-35 and Gen Z ages 4 - 17) are able to process multiple forms of input. The RWLD approach provides content that includes text, video, audio, imagery and interactive.
  • Even older learners enjoy differing ways to absorb information. RWLDs address differentiated learning needs as well.
 Your assignments will be found in the eLearning website.  They may be mentioned in the RWLD, but the real instructions are on each of the assignment sheets.

This will be an exciting semester.  The modules will be released as time progresses, so you won't be able to review the whole course content at this introduction.  

Let's begin by reviewing some of the resources we will be using.   These are not your assignments for this week, they are just an opportunity for you to review some of what we will be using.
This week explore the concept of New Literacies.  As noted earlier, the specifics of these assignments are not here. They are in the Module #1 folder on eLearning.