Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Module 4: Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship? 

Being a digital citizen raises the responsibility level for everyone involved.  Watch this introductory video to begin to develop a background in digital citizenship.

Children who are on the web need to be careful about who they meet, how they meet them and what they share.

Parents need to make students aware of the dangers that lurk on the web as well as share with them the wealth of information that is theirs for the taking.

Teachers need to incorporate Internet safety into their curriculum and make it part of their everyday program.

Here are some resources for learning about Digital Citizenship:

Common Sense Media
This is a great resource for all sorts of media on-line and off.

How Do I Help My Child Learn to Use the Internet Wisely?

Blog posting of resources collected by a teacher.

You have an opportunity to explore and plan a digital citizenship program for your school. It is not just for your students. It is one that will include your colleagues, your students, AND their parents.

The intent of this project is to create something that will be applicable to your existing teaching/training situation or might be used when you have your own teaching/training environment.

Begin by going to CommonSenseMedia.org and register as a member.

You will notice that Common Sense Media is more than just curriculum for teaching internet safety.  You will find that they like to share their opinion on things like movies, games, websites, and apps through their Ratings and Reviews section.  Look at all of the tools that are available in the Common Sense toolbar. Explore this section and consider how you would actively integrate it into Professional Development for Parents and Teachers.

Review the overall mission and opportunities available through CommonSenseMedia.org. Click on the Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum Training Link in the Online Training section.  This page will provide you with an overview of the curriculum, an intro to the parent education modules, and finally an on-line training about teaching students called Raising Kids in Our Digital Media World.

You are change agents in your schools and training institutions.  You are making a difference by making informed choices and recommendations about building a safe educational learning environment.  Become familiar with online resources such as the Common Sense Media.  
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